Who says money is your only valuable asset?

We believe in the circular economy, sustainability, and that sharing, swapping, working, and paying are all equally good ways of acquiring what we need.

Yaytrade was created to facilitate sustainability by making it easier to extend the life of pre-loved fashion and lifestyle items. By using all our resources, we can live fuller and more sustainable lives.

We focus on lifestyle and fashion items with sustainable history and production. You can buy, sell, and swap all kinds of premium products – including clothes, accessories, home decor, and so much more – from buyers and sellers in over 100 countries.

It’s easy to start selling the things you no longer need on Yaytrade. Create your own ads or use our pick-up service, where we take care of everything for you. When you get an offer you can’t refuse – take it. Or use buy now for instant selling.

Please feel free to reach out if you have thoughts or ideas on how we can improve your experience at Yaytrade. We’ll happily add the little extra.

Live life to the fullest and have a great time Yaytrading! 🖤

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