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Read the stories behind the brands and people that are taking action and that are working for a more sustainable world. Get inspired and purchase the items connected to the stories.


Alicia Agneson

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Hijacks Stockholm Fashion Week

By now we’re all aware that the fashion industry is a serious threat to our planet. Wanting to dive a little bit deeper into this important subject, we hooked up with Alicia Agneson – actress and fashionista renowned for only wearing vintage and second hand – who agreed to hijack fashion week with us, and share her experience.

Janni Olsson Delér

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Which destination is Janni’s favorite?

Janni Olsson Delér is one of Sweden’s leading digital creators and she shares her life with over 1.6 million followers on Instagram and YouTube. She lives with her husband Jon Olsson Delér in Monaco, and together they explore the world and find inspiration in all the places they visit.

Emil Stegfeldt

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How to create successful content on social media

Emil Stegfeldt is the young Swedish guy who, despite his age, has become well-known in the skiing industry. In addition to his career as a free rider where he actively competes in the Freeride World Tour, he manages a YouTube channel and an Instagram account, and is very interested in photography and editing.


Urban Collective

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Where sustainability meets design

Urban Collective is an international design collective in which culture and tradition meet sustainability and design. Their products are characterised by premium quality in natural materials with a twist and touch from the collective’s designers from all around the world.