InterviewAlicia Agneson

Alicia Agneson.
Hijacks Stockholm Fashion Week.

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PhotographAndré Garcia
PostedAugust 25, 2020

By now we’re all aware that the fashion industry is a serious threat to our planet. Wanting to dive a little bit deeper into this important subject, we hooked up with Alicia Agneson – actress and fashionista renowned for only wearing vintage and second hand – who agreed to hijack fashion week with us, and share her experience.

Before we get to the interview, we should probably state the obvious: Secondhand fashion is a billion times better for the planet than the traditional linear lifecycle. In fact, by simply wearing a garment three times longer than average we’re able to lower its total environmental impact by roughly 65% (pause for reaction).

What are the primary reasons you buy vintage and pre-loved?

First of all, for the environment. Second of all, because the quality is often much better, and finally because it’s a lot of fun hunting for beautiful things that no-one else has in their wardrobe.

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What are your thoughts about fast fashion?

I think it’s unnecessary. I don’t think we particularly need it. We consume a lot more than we need and until we live in a society where fast fashion is handled correctly and in a sustainable way, we have more than enough beautiful vintage and pre-loved things to last us a lifetime. So let’s use that first.

What are your best pre-loved and vintage finds?

My gosh. This is very tricky! I have so many beautiful pieces. I have a pair of vintage Chanel heels that are just stunning. They are so pretty that I rarely wear them, which is a real shame. Another one of my favorite vintage finds is a Christian Dior blazer that I found at this little car boot sale in a tiny village in France. I think it cost me €5 and still to this day it’s one of the most beautiful things I have in my wardrobe.

How would you describe your style in three words?

Beautifully bold with a touch of old school elegance.

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