CampaignMeet the Icon: The Dress

Meet the Icon:
The Dress.

Sania Claus Demina
CollaborationYaytrade x Wynd
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PhotoCaroline Jansson
VideoAdam Solberg
PostedMay 2, 2021

Yaytrade x Wynd introduce: Meet the Icons - a campaign to encourage circular consumption where we will highlight and follow four iconic garments on a circular journey. In this chapter you’ll meet and be able to buy our fourth Icon – The Dress, as represented by Sania Claus Demina.

The average Swedish consumer buys about 15 kg worth of clothes per year. Of this, at least 8 kg of textiles are wasted and only 3 kg are reused. If the average garment were to be used 3 times longer, its climate impact would be reduced by 65%.

One important way to increase a garment’s lifespan is through circular consumption. Each time a garment is passed on to a new owner, its lifecycle is extended. To encourage circular consumption Yaytrade has teamed up with the fashion and lifestyle platform Wynd "Meet the Icons" – a campaign where, together with our Sustainable Rebels, we’re discussing and following four iconic garments on a circular journey. The Icons are timeless – worn and loved by generations, while always being relevant to current fashion. We’re talking about none other than The Blazer, The Jeans, The Shirt, and The Dress.

Check out these iconic garments styled by our Sustainable Rebels and shop their looks below.

Let’s make pre-loved iconic.

Shop pre-loved dresses here.
Sania Claus Demina

Meet the Icon: The Dress. Our fourth icon is the dress, an elegant icon for those warm summer days or late night parties. It has made us feel both beautiful, elegant and feminine - Buy your iconic dress pre-loved at Yaytrade.

We passed our pre-loved dress on to Sustainable Rebel Sania Claus Demina (@saniaclausdemina). Watch and shop her style below.

Sania Claus Demina & Hanna MW
Sania Claus Demina & Hanna MW

To watch the full circular runway with our Sustainable Rebels go to #yaytradeicons on Instagram.

Now we are passing it on to you shop a pre-loved dress below.

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