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PostedNovember 12, 2019

That’s just what it is. Safety, comfort and functionality have been the keywords in developing Livelo’s first bike with the very fitting name Livelo #1.

“The thought of being able to take the kids to daycare, continue on to work, use the bike for grocery shopping and basically any transportation, while not having to use my car at all, made me very excited”, says the founder Mats Porle.

The idea for his company came when Mats tried to leave the car and use the bike for all his everyday chores and tasks. He started by buying a Danish tricycle.

The bike he bought didn’t meet his high expectations and thus came the idea to start his own business, where he could develop the best and smartest family bike on the market. Livelo was founded in 2012 and after 15 years in the finance industry, Mats found his change of career both fun and challenging.

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“Everyone benefits when more people are using bikes”

It’s very clear that Mats Porle is certain; the bike is the vehicle of the future and “everyone benefits when more people are using bikes instead of cars”, he says. 

“I’ve based the development and design of Livelo on and around the needs of my own family. The majority of our customers live in the city or suburbs, have one or two kids and have realised how much time and money a car consumes. The distances in their everyday lives are often short and it’s often both easier and faster to use a bike, but they need more cargo space than a regular bike can offer”, he says.

During the Swedish winter, many people are reluctant to commute by bike – but according to Mats, Livelo is an excellent bike in winter conditions.

With two front wheels, you avoid falling if you slide on an icy spot and with studded tires, the built-in electrical motor can get you through any icy bike path or street in no time.

“The kids sitting in the carrier are the real winners here. With the wind and rain protection rolled down and a warm and comfy blanket on their laps, they have front row seats as you travel through the winter wonderland.”

Now you can find Livelo at The Lobby at Regeringsgatan 61 in Stockholm. Make sure you pop by for a test ride!

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