Book a space just as easily as a hotel room.

Words byYaytrade team
Photography byLeslie Maunsbach
PostedJune 21, 2019

xNomad is a marketplace for entrepreneurs and businesses looking for retail spaces with short-term lease. Through the xNomad platform, it is possible to create a pop-up store in an otherwise empty space. The ambition is to free up unused space and create new experiences. Often complicated and long contracts prevent entrepreneurs and smaller businesses to create a pop-up store, says Leslie Maunsbach, co-founder of xNomad.

xNomad makes it possible to create a pop-up store, regardless of budget. Despite being a newly-launched platform, there are several spaces across Stockholm already listed.

“We are in the middle of a retail revolution with increasing e-commerce, which brings with it an increasing need to not be bound by long-term leasing contracts. Physical presence helps to strengthen the brand and that’s where we come in as a middleman, by offering retail spaces for short-term lease.”

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Today, xNomad has helped several businesses and entrepreneurs to find the right space. One example is the event planners Valle and Juliana, who have had the vision of opening up an Instagram-friendly boutique café for a long time. Their pop-up store “The Pink Co” opened at Karlavägen 57 and got a make-over with floral walls, a pink telephone booth, and pink ball pond.

“Our vision is to make the booking of retail spaces just as easy as booking a hotel room. There are numerous reasons for businesses, regardless of their size, to open a pop-up store. A physical presence, even for a short period of time, engages the customers, creates brand awareness and enhances the customer experience. We want the pop-up stores to be accessible to everybody. By matching entrepreneurs and businesses with empty commercial spaces, these spaces can be used for new experiences”, says Leslie

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