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Alicia Agneson:
Rethink Black Week.

Rethink Black Week.

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PostedNovember 24, 2021

This black week we've teamed up with actress and our Global Fashion Director Alicia Agneson to encourage consumers to think before they buy with our campaign Rethink Black Week.

In episode 3 of 12 of the 'How to beocome a Sustainable Rebel' series you will hear Alicia talk about rethinking black week.

Explore our list of 5 questions to ask yourself before making a purchase.

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  • What's the occasion?
    Determine how often you will use the item. If you are buying something that you are unlikely to use more than once or twice, it doesn’t often make sense to complete the purchase. Try to find other ways to get what you need for a one-time use.

  • Do I already own something similar?
    Have a look in your wardrobe. Do you already own something similar? In that case, don't be afraid to make adjustments. You will not just stand out from the crowd, we can assure you that the piece will be double as fun to wear with a personal touch!

  • What do I (really) need?
    If you know by yourself that you easily tend to fall for special deals such as discounts that will lead to impulsive buying, make a plan and stick to it! Try to focus on the things you really need.

  • For how long will this piece last?
    In order to extend the life of our garments, quality matter! At Yaytrade, our goal is always to serve our customers garments in high quality that can withstand circulation, from one wardrobe to another, for several years to come.

  • Can I find it second hand?
    Last but not least, by sourcing the piece that you are looking for second hand in first hand you can not only end up saving money, but also emissions for our planet.

In other words, don’t shop for things that you don’t need, and if you need it - be conscious and choose wisely.

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Sustainable Fact.
Did you know that you can buy different types of second hand garments between 194-325 times before causing the same emissions as a garment that's newly produced? (Björkåfrihet Report, 2019).


Here are some pre-loved options for the holidays, handpicked from Yaytrade.


Wanna learn more about how to become a Sustainable Rebel together with Yaytrade?

Watch all our episodes with Alicia on YouTube, and don't forget to register here for updates.

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