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Emma Elwin
Rebel of the month.

Rebel of the month.

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Emma Elwin

PostedOctober 12, 2021

At Yaytrade, we love to celebrate changemakers. The Sustainable Rebel Award is how we recognize those who challenge the fashion industry, stand up for climate change and social justice, and – most importantly – inspire others to do the same. This month, the award goes to Emma Elwin.

Name: Emma Elwin
Age: 32
About: Swedish impacter, based in Stockholm, Art Director and Co-founder of Make It Last (@wemakeitlast).

We are happy to congratulate Emma for being Yaytrade’s Sustainable Rebel of the Month and thank her for being a real changemaker, for raising awareness, and for making better choices for the environment. We had a little chat with our winner to discuss her love for sustainability and fashion.

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Hi Emma, tell us about your relationship to slow fashion and second hand shopping, how and when did it start?
It probably started when I discovered my grandmother's wardrobe with clothes she had saved from when she was young. It was so well made and in so much better quality than what you could find in the High Street stores.

What’s your best advice when it comes to second hand shopping?
If you are new to second-hand shopping, I would start with a very well-stocked store, or start online. Write a list of what you are looking for and try to stick to it!

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Do you have a favorite second hand piece hanging in your wardrobe?
A dark blue pea coat made for the Japanese navy in a thick wool, it is timeless and something I can see myself wearing for life.

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How can we inspire each other to become sustainable shoppers?
I think we inspire each other both consciously and unconsciously when we start making choices that are better for the environment. If you start with a small change in your day-to-day life, it usually spreads to all parts of your life.

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Lastly, any sustainable fashion rules that you can’t live without?
Invest in items you see yourself wearing for a long time. Look for quality and timeless design. Try starting from what you already have and love when you invest in new garments, so you have a wardrobe that can be matched in many different ways.


Thank you Emma. Get inspired and continue following her journey at @emmaeelwin & @wemakeitlast.

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