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Pick-up service.

The easy way to sell your fashion

Send us your pre-loved and we’ll do the rest – professional photography, expert ad creation, plus payment handling and shipping. You'll also have your own Yaytrade store.

Learn more about how it works or what to send

Premium items, please.

Choosing the right items to send in

Yaytrade only sells items which had an original retail price over 1000 SEK (€100). Make sure they are good quality garments, in good condition, and from premium brands.

The better the quality, the better the payout.

  • Be advised that anything not meeting our guidelines will be donated to charity 7 days after your other ads have been created.
  • You have the option to request back items that were not approved within those 7 days, for a small return fee.

Hey, keep it clean.

Your guide to filling the famous Yaytrade bag

Items you send in must meet our standards to be accepted. Here is a basic guideline to help you decide what to include.

Only pack clean freshly laundered items in very good condition, eg. no stains or wear. Learn more in the F.A.Q.

What’s next?
When we recieve your top notch items, we will steam them to ensure maximum freshness, take killer photos, and create professional quality ads to generate the most interest and the best price.

Questions? Contact support for advice.

Honey making money.

Estimate the return on your pre-loved sales

Your profit is at least 70% of the final sale amount exceeding 300 SEK. Not a bad return on that stuff that’s just taking up space in your closet, eh?

Calculate your cut
Enter the final sale price, and we’ll show you how much money ends up in your pocket.

If the item sells for…

You’ll get…

SEK 1,380 (77%)
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Pick-up coverage.

First we took Sweden, now we’ll take the world

Pick-up service is currently available throughout Sweden. If you’re in one Sweden’s biggest cities, we’ll even come direct to you. Check your postal code:

For pick-up of your bag;
No biggie. We include free freight labels with your bag order. You can drop your bags off at the nearest DHL service point. We will let you know when the bags have reached our warehouse.

Outside Sweden
Hold your horses. We’re currently planning international expansion of pick-up service, in the meantime you’re welcome to contact support for special enquiries.

Oh, by the way
Your stuff will be available for purchase by people around the world. Cool.

The Journey to Yaytrade.

Here’s how your gear gets to market

Steaming the threads
Steaming the threads
Female Basketball Jersey

As good as it gets.

Satisfied users want you to know

I can only offer praise! ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Marie A

Perfect! A Smooth and fast transaction. ++++++++++

Marcus L

Super! I recommend it

Sandra F

Very much appreciate the support, thanks for all the help! I’ll definitely choose shopping here again

Emilie B

The fine print.

Important details worth knowing

What does it cost to use Yaytrade pick-up service?
We take a fee of 150 SEK per sold item, plus a percentage of the final price. Be aware that before items are sold, Yaytrade has covered the cost of the entire process – transport, photography, warehousing, and advertising. When an item is sold, Yaytrade also takes care of payment and shipping!

What happens to rejected items?
Items that are unsuitable for Yaytrade, unsellable, or have a retail price under 1000 SEK (€100) will be automatically donated or recycled 7 days after being added to your account. Decide to request a return or donate them within 7 days. If you choose a return, it’s at your expense – 150 SEK per parcel. We don't accept swimwear, underwear or work out clothes without original tag.

How are my items sold?
Your items will be for sale both on Yaytrade and our store at Tradera – the bigger the reach, the more potential buyers there are to find your ads!

For how long does Yaytrade try to sell my items?
You can only request a return of your items in your store after 6 months have passed, according to our terms & conditions. Contact support if you want to request a return. It costs 150 SEK per parcel and 20 SEK per item.

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