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Yaytrade offer full returns for 14 days. We do, however, like to encourage you to re-sell it on Yaytrade which most likely will be best from both an economic as well as an environmental standpoint.

If you, after all, do want to return a new or pre-used item you can do this given that it fulfills what is described in our return policy below*.

We do not charge you a handling fee, you only pay for the shipping. You order a freight label in the form below. The shipping cost is 6 EUR per return. When you have completed and submitted the form you have claimed your return (as long as it’s done before 14 days after you received the product).

When you have received the freight label you must send back the product to us within 14 days.

Please try to reuse the carton/bag you received it in - if it’s not possible it’s ok to use another type of packaging. It’s important that you package it well and attach your full name and the reference received when ordering the freight label.

Attach the label on the package and drop off at nearest DHL-service point.

When we’ve received the product the amount will be refunded within 14 days.

Order a freight label for return

  1. Send 6 EUR either through Paypal to or by Swish (59 SEK) to 123 50 94 081, and we’ll send you freight labels.
  2. Complete the form below and and we will send you the freight label to your e-mail.
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Email address
Order IDIt can be found in the confirmation email received after you placed the order.

*The return policy do not cover products sold by private users. Nor do Yaytrade hande returns for our brandstores/businesses. We recommend that you contact the business directly.

If a package not retrieved we will charge you for shipping, return, administration & handling, currently 25 EUR. Non-retrieved packages is not covered by the return policy described above.

If the quality of the product has been affected due to your handling we will deduct the loss of value from the refund.