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Mårten Nylén

Mårten Nylén is the personal trainer everyone is talking about. Beyond his career in fitness, he is an renowned lecturer and TV personality.

Mårten collaborates with Yaytrade to extend the life of his clothes and sneakers. His profits will be donated to Barndiabetesfonden.


Michel Tornéus

Michel Tornéus is a Swedish long jumper and record holder. Besides his career in athletics, he is one of Sweden’s up and coming street style profiles, famous for his big interest in sneakers.

Michel collaborates with Yaytrade to extend the life of his clothes and sneakers. His profits will be donated to Majblomman.


Frida Hansdotter

Frida Hansdotter is the reigning Olympic gold medal winner in slalom skiing. Representing Sweden, Hansdotter’s last three appearances at the World Championships have earned her two bronze medals and one silver. In 2016, she also topped the World Cup slalom season.

Frida collaborates with Yaytrade to extend the life of clothes from her sponsorships and career as a professional skier. Her profits will be donated to My Special Day (Min Stora Dag).

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Jon & Janni Olsson Delér

Co-founders of Yaytrade, Jon Olsson Delér and Janni Olsson Delér have cultivated a massive social media following via their YouTube and Instagram channels. At Yaytrade their stores are continually refreshed with pre-loved fashion – ready to be shipped worldwide to fans and followers.

Jon and Janni are donating their profits towards the construction of a school in Columbia.


About the initiative

Circle of fashion will act as a catalyst for positive change within fashion. Our mission is to become a destination for Sustainable Rebels and celebrate the changemakers working to fight climate change and promote social justice.

By becoming a Sustainable Rebel our ambassadors are doing more than just creating a new international sales channel - they are raising awareness and making better choices for our environment.

When joining Circle of fashion our ambassadors commit to donating their profit to a charity of their choice. Besides selling badass pre-loved pieces, we want to do more to help the world.

* Co2 effect is the estimated number of metric tons saved, calculated with climate change figures provided by Naturskyddsforeningen (Swedish Society for Nature Conservation).