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InterviewEmil Stegfeldt

Emil Stegfeldt
How to create successful content on social media.

How to create successful content on social media.

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Emil Stegfeldt

PostedOctober 9, 2019

Emil Stegfeldt is the young Swedish guy who, despite his age, has become well-known in the skiing industry. In addition to his career as a free rider where he actively competes in the Freeride World Tour, he manages a YouTube channel and an Instagram account, and is very interested in photography and editing.

Already as a young lad, photography caught Emil’s attention and today it plays an important role in his content creation. With almost 70,000 followers on Instagram and several thousand subscribers on YouTube, Emil believes that liking what you do is the most important part of content creation, and he doesn’t care too much about the number of likes he gets or followers he has.

Read more to find out where Emil finds his inspiration and how to succeed on social media.

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In addition to skiing, you are very interested in photography and editing. Where do you find your inspiration?
It’s hard to pinpoint exactly where it comes from. I have always been interested in creating unique images and films, and I have always tried to do something that nobody else does – which gets harder and harder. I am inspired by other people I follow on Instagram, but I can also be inspired by ads in a magazine, so I find inspiration in different kinds of places. My greatest motivation right now is to try and inspire others to do what they want and not care so much what others think. I want to convey this somehow via my YouTube channel that is soon to really kick off again!

Can you tell us more how this interest came about?
I have absolutely no idea, my interest in photography started when I was a little boy. As I was growing up, I was inspired by Jon Olsson, whom I always felt went his own way and always took everything one step further. So, I started building my social media presence at a young age as I understood that you will go further if you combine competitions with interesting content.

Today, your pre-sets are sold at Yaytrade, which filter do you use the most?
Yes! Get online, buy and edit like I do! Right now, I primarily use BCN as I’ve been editing photos from my Spain trip. I haven’t posted any yet, but I’ll make sure to so that you can check them out!

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What’s your tip for taking Instagram to the next level?
My tip is really to stop focusing on likes and the number of followers and create content that you like. I think the followers will come if you have the guts to be yourself and have fun! Everyone’s so focused on likes and it has made me take a step back and try to see what I can do to get away from that and inspire people instead. So, create content because it’s fun, developing and can inspire others, but don’t focus exclusively on statistics. Much easier said than done though.

What are your plans for the autumn?
During this time of year with grey and windy days, I’m spending some time planning my winter, which is my favourite season of the year. I also try to book a fun trip and get away from the boring weather. Right now, I have some exciting stuff in the pipeline, which I will share with you guys on my Vlogs that will be published soon.

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