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4 tips for increasing the lifespan of your clothes.

4 tips for increasing the lifespan of your clothes.

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Yaytrade team

PostedOctober 30, 2020
Steamery wants to inspire you to take better care of the clothes in your wardrobe. Their line of clothing care products are high tech, with an easy to use Scandinavian design.

Steaming is an important step in the Yaytrade process. It freshens clothes and helps them last longer. Shopping secondhand, choosing garments with care, and extending their life are the keys to affecting a sustainable future for the fashion industry.

Let us share the secrets of having fresh clothes without having to wash them. Here are Steamery’s top tips for long lasting clothes:

Freshen up the scent with a clothing mist
A smart method for extending the time between washes is using a “clothing mist”. Steamery’s mist is based on an active bacterial culture which neutralizes the bacteria causing bad odours. Simply spray items such as outerwear, sweaters, jackets, or even sneakers and the troublesome smells will magically (or, as Steamery says, biotechnologically) disappear.

Brush off dust, hair, and dirt with a clothes brush
Throw away the classic disposable lint roller and get yourself a proper clothes brush, a simple purchase which can last a lifetime. Rollers will ruin garments in the long run, as their glue actually sticks to the fabric and ends up attracting even more dust. Flip the script and start removing dirt, dust, and hair with a sustainable clothes brush – superficial stains are not something which requires energy intensive washing.

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Steam instead of ironing
Before tossing worn clothes in the hamper, try steaming them. Steaming is a simpler, faster, and gentler alternative to ironing. It’s also more durable, as it reduces the wear caused by washing clothes which only really need to be refreshed. Steaming is like airing out clothes; it reduces bacteria significantly and removes unsavoury odours (while helping them last longer).

Remove petulant stains
When a clothing accident inevitably strikes, attend to your garment immediately – before the stain has a chance to set. Grease stains can be removed with a clear detergent or gall soap. Stains from ice cream, berries, or grass can be gently dabbed off with a sponge and stain removing spray. You can also try soaking stains with Steamery’s Color Wash, a high-tech detergent adapted to gently maintain synthetic and cotton fibres.

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These are just some of the methods you can try before overflowing your hamper. Once you’ve learned to stopped throwing lightly worn – rather than truly dirty – clothes into the laundry basket you’ll never return to unnecessary washing.

Visit the Steamery’s website to learn more and order their products. It’s a small step towards a more sustainable wardrobe.

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