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Chantelle Vance.
Exclusive unisex watches of superior quality

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PostedOctober 25, 2019

Chantelle Vance is the new timeless watch brand to be worn by several generations. The watches are the perfect blend of top quality Swiss clockwork and Scandinavian design.

The idea was conceived in the little village Jukkasjärvi, outside of Kiruna. After working for a period of time in the magical Lappish Northern Lights, Chantelle Vance came to life. The brand offers exclusive unisex watches of superior quality.

Continue reading to find out more about Chantelle Vance watches and their philosophy on sustainability!

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Tell us more about Chantelle Vance, who are you?

We are three people who previously worked with developing unique products and one winter night, we came up with the idea that we should manufacture something exclusive together. The brand Chantelle Vance was designed under the magical Lappish Northern Lights. Dark winter days and nights were spent on drafting a unique product in the little village of Jukkasjärvi just outside of Kiruna.

Your focus is on sustainability, function and quality. Which materials are you working with to achieve this? How are your watches manufactured?

Already from the get-go, we decided not to design a cheap mass-produced watch. We don’t approve of consumerism and strive to manufacture products you can pass on from generation to generation. We source the very best materials available around the world and due to rigorous controls in multiple steps, we are able to offer a product of highest quality. The Scandinavian design and a simple, minimalistic function allow the product to remain timeless.

Tell us more about your decision to only release unisex watches, how did you come to this decision?

During our first design meeting, we decided that the products shouldn’t be designed based on gender, anyone should be able to wear all our watches. The standard size of 40mm suits most wrists, for both men and women. Choose the model that appeals to you and wear it with pride.

How do I style my Chantelle Vance watch?

What makes a Chantelle Vance watch so unique is that it can be worn for any occasion, both weekdays and late weekend nights. Wear the watch as it is, change model depending on your preference or complete it with your favourite piece of jewellery. Then you simply can’t go wrong!

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