Frequently Asked Questions.

How do I create an account?

It’s easy! Click here to quickly get started and create a profile using your email address or via Facebook.

How do I order a Yaytrade bag?

If you want to use our pick-up service and let us help you sell you can order a Yaytrade bag. Your order your bags here.

How do I order a pick-up off a bag?

If you already have received a bag from us and are ready to book a pick-up, you can do it here.

How do I create an ad?

First, create a descriptive and selling headline for your ad, then fill in the required information, where your item/service is located and the price/value of the item or service. Then decide in which category your item or service fits in, the better the greater the chance is to get your item sold. Last but not least, do not forget to upload one or more high-resolution images to your ad to attract more buyers.

Can I edit an ad?

Yes, you can! To edit, go to the ad and click “Edit” on the ad page, or go to “My ads” and click “Edit” via the menu on the ad image.

How do I delete an ad?

On your ad page, click “Edit” and then delete your ad from there.
If the ad is published through our pick-up service, you can’t delete the ad. You can, however, edit the ad or request a return of the item by contacting

What is a combined bid?

When Yaytrading you can use all your resources to get what you want and need. By chatting with buyers and sellers you can agree upon one or more payment methods. As a buyer you can choose to pay using a combination of money and swaps as long as the seller has accepted your bid. An bid containing more than one payment method is called a combined bid.

I’ve placed a bid, what happens if someone accepts my bid?

When your bid gets accepted, you’ll receive a notification to pay or come to an agreement with the seller on how the swap item(s) or service should be delivered. Once you have delivered your part of the agreement (payment, swap, or service), you only have to wait for the delivery from the seller. Once the deal is completed you and the seller rate your experience of Yaytrading with each other to ensure future quality and inform the rest of the community.

Can I withdraw an bid I’ve made?

Yes, as long as you haven’t completed the deal by paying or sent an item you can change or withdraw your offer. If you want to change or withdraw your offer you do that on the bid page you have with the seller.

Is the bid locked in once I have accepted it?

No, until the buyer has paid and/or sent the swap product or service you are entitled to change your mind. By chatting with the buyer directly in Yaytrade you can continue to communicate until the deal is done, and also afterwards if necessary.

What does it cost to sell on Yaytrade?

It depends on what service you are using. If you create an ad by yourself there is no cost – it’s free to create ads on Yaytrade.
When using our pick-up service (available in Sweden) we take a small fee to handle the whole process for you. You can read more about how it works and our commissions here.
If you are representing a business and are curious about selling on Yaytrade – you can read more at

How do I get paid?

If you have accepted an bid from another member (or sold it directly with fixed price) you get the money directly in your account within a few days (after the item is received and confirmed by the buyer). Do not forget to enter your account number here to ensure the payout goes smoothly. If you are using our pick-up service and we handle the whole process you can request a payout when something is sold. You can track the sales and the account balance under “Settings” and “Handle payouts”.

What is Pick-up service?

When using our pick-up service, you let us help you with the whole selling process – everything from taking product photos, writing the description, creating the ad, storage/handling, payment and shipping to the buyer. For this service we take a small fee and a cut of the final selling price - you receive the rest.

How does Yaytrade Pick-up service work?

You order one or more bags which we deliver straight to your mailbox. You fill the bags with your pre-loved pieces that you value over 150 SEK and then book pick-up of the bags. We will pick-up, value, take product photos, write compelling descriptions, upload the ads, handle the payment and deliver to the buyer. You receive the majority of the profit (at least 70%) and can follow your earnings and request payout whenever you want. You can read more about how it works here and order bags for your pre-loved items.

What can I sell with Pick-up service?

We will sell items that is in great condition, clean and that we estimate to a value over 150 kr. Things that are valued under 150 kr we donate to charity. Here are some examples of items users have sold using our pick-up service:

Gucci Dionysus bag10 000 SEK

Moncler jacket4000 SEK

Buscemi sneakers3000 SEK

Isabel Marant sneakers1750 SEK

Axel Arigato sneakers 900 SEK

Acne Studios jeans500 SEK

Filippa K dress400 SEK

How much will fit in one Yaytrade bag?

A Yaytrade bag has a total volume of +75 liters (a bit larger than the famous IKEA-bag) and can handle a total weight of 15 kilos.

What does it cost?

When using our pick-up service, we take a small fee and cut of the selling price. You can read more about the commission model, how you can track your earnings and request payout here.

How do I get the money from a sell to my bank account?

Once you have sold an Items through our pick-up service, you can find the receipt under “Sold & Purchases” and if you would like to receive a payout go to “Handle payouts” which you will find under “Settings”. There you can request a payout and you will receive it in a couple of days.

Do I need to mark the bags before pick-up?

No. The booking is made through your account and we tag the bags during pick-up with a unique ID connected to your Yaytrade Store. You do not need to mark/tag it in anyway. If you live in an area where we do not offer pick-up (yet) you receive freight labels with your bags to attach on the bags. Just drop them off at your closest DHL-service point.

Can you offer pick-up service everywhere?

Our first market for our pick-up service is Sweden. We are currently offering the pick-up service in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö.
You can however still order bags if you live outside these areas. The bags will come with a freight label so you can drop it off at your nearest DHL-service point. We will take care of the rest of the process.
If you have a larger batch of items (let’s say several boxes of clothes) you can always contact us, and we can see what we can do. Send us your request to

What if something I send in through pick-up service doesn’t get sold?

If one of your items is not getting sold you can request a return, otherwise we will donate it to charity so someone else can enjoy your beautiful item.

How does shipping work?

I have purchased from a Brand stores: When you purchase from a brand store the business will be notified with all your shipping information and will send the items to you directly as soon as possible. Purchases from an Ambassador/influencer: When you buy from a Yaytrade Ambassador/Influencer or from Yaytrade Market our team will handle the shipping. Purchased from someone using your Pick-up service: If you buy from a member that has used our pickup service our team will send the items to you via DHL within 48h after the order has been placed. Purchased directly from a consumer: When you buy from a member that has created an ad on their own - it’s up to both the seller and buyer to agree on how to handle the shipping. You can talk to the seller via the Direct messages that’s located on “My Yaytrade” and on the “Bid page”.

Can I track my order?

All orders (from our ambassadors and pick-up) are sent within 48 hours. Our main logistics partner is DHL. You will receive a SMS when the package is delivered to the nearest DHL service point. Please contact us if you haven’t received a SMS or any other update after 4 working days.

I haven't received my order confirmation?

Please login into your account and confirm that your email-address is correct. If it’s correct, please contact and we’ll look into it right away.

Can I return a product or swap it to something else?

Yaytrade does not handle swaps but we offer full returns for 14 days. We do, however, like to encourage you to re-sell it on Yaytrade which most likely will be best from both an economic as well as an environmental standpoint.
If you, after all, do want to return a new or pre-used item you can do this given that it fulfills what is described in our return policy. Read more and order a freight label here.
Please note that returns are not available for purchases made directly from another member/consumer. Returns for purchases made from one of our brand stores is handled directly with that company.

How am I taxed?

As a user you are responsible for declaring your income from Yaytrade. For more information, check out the rules regarding tax with your local tax authority.

Does Yaytrade offer any kind of insurance policies for services and items?

Yaytrade is not responsible for its users’ objects or services. Any insurance between buyer and seller is dealt with outside of Yaytrade. Ytrade Group AB has a business liability insurance through TryggHansa.

How do I close my account on Yaytrade?

So, you’re thinking about leaving us? No worries, to delete your account go to “Settings” and click “Delete account” at the bottom of that page.

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